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Opera traditions in Wrocław reach the first half of the 17th century. Already from 1627, the local Ballhaus (the Play House) at today’s street ul. Wita Stwosza, had been visited by travelling troupes presenting to the public latest theatre and opera performances.

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In 1755, at the corners of today’s streets Oławska and Piotra Skargi, new theatre had been erected (Kalten Asche), which had functioned in the city until 1841. In December of the same year, the facility was officially named the Royal Theatre in Wrocław.

Ambitions of the citizens of this dynamically developing city consisted in the inauguration in 1841 of the new and stately theatre building, following the Classicist style according to the design by Carl Ferdinand Langhans with a very modern, for those times, stage and auditorium for about 1600 guests. Apart from the interruptions caused by two fires (in 1965 and 1971), Wrocław opera theatre conducted its regular activity until 1944, achieving the position of one of the leading German stages.

Post-war history of Polish opera stage in Wrocław began on September 8th 1945 with “Halka” by Stanisław Moniuszko. Nearly 260 premieres were staged there from that time, with 175 works, including 59 Polish ones.

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